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Oral health is linked to your overall health. With chipped or missing teeth, this is a significant dental issue which may lead to the need for dentures. If you have missing teeth, and the gap is evident every time you speak and smile this can also impede on your confidence and self-esteem. To correct this, dentures are an effective and customised solution that will replace the missing tooth or teeth. With our years of experience, we are the leading option when searching for best denture clinic near me.

If, for any reason, you need a tooth extracted, the area needs to be filled in with an artificial tooth (or denture) as it is known clinically. This is to keep the remaining teeth in place and strengthen their foundation. If you don’t do this, the teeth surrounding the gap will gradually start to loosen and become weak and loose. When asking “where is the best denture clinic near me?” Roger Sharpe Dental Practice is always the answer.

We use different kinds of dentures to cover different situations. An immediate denture is one that is ready to go in your mouth as soon as the tooth is extracted. It is prepared using the impression of the tooth in question and its supporting structure.

Roger Sharpe Dental Practice, the best denture clinic in Coffs, also offers other types of dentures. These are usually partial and complete dentures. A partial denture or a bridge is used to replace missing teeth in either of your jaws. Such a bridge uses the support of the crown of two teeth immediately close to the gap and is usually made of gold, alloys, porcelain or a combination of these.

Lastly, there are complete dentures in case of all missing teeth in your mouth. The process of fixing complete dentures is relatively long, and multiple sessions are needed.

So, if you are asking for the best denture clinic near me, you have come to the right place. We ensure you have the best and most comfortable fit and don’t mind undertaking extra sessions with you if need be. It is your healthy smile that is most important to us, after all!

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