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Child Dentist Coffs Harbour

Have you been looking for a dedicated and professional child dentist in Coffs Harbour? With over 60 years of experience in providing expert and compassionate dental care, we, the Roger Sharpe Dental Practice, are a reputed and trustworthy child dentist in the Coffs Harbour area.

At Roger Sharpe, we realise the importance of beginning young when it comes to oral hygiene. The earlier young children get acquainted with oral care, the better it is for them to take care of their teeth as adults. Not to mention that the milk teeth of the younger kids need special care too. If these are strong and healthy, chances are the permanent teeth, later on, will turn out to be so too.

As a child dentist in Coffs Harbour, we encourage routine oral examinations of your young ones. We identify areas needing special care, like better tooth alignment or extraction of a decaying tooth. Then again, the primary (or milk) teeth should not be crowded. If so, the permanent teeth erupting afterwards will come out crowded too. This needs correction using braces or similar devices.

As a child dentist in Coffs Harbour, we help you understand the methods of correctly taking care of your child’s teeth. We demonstrate how to clean the gum before a tooth has fully erupted. Our techniques go a long way in easing the teething symptoms young kids face. With kids, we also offer the best dentist services for dentures and mouthguards, cosmetic dentistry, dental emergencies, preventative dentistry, kids dentistry and family dentistry. Let us know if you need a child dentist in Coffs Harbour. Roger Sharpe Dental Practice is always at your service.

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