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Dental Bridge

Looking for a professional and the best dentist to help you with Dental Bridge? Then look no more because at Roger Sharpe Dental Practice, you can quickly fix your missing teeth.

A dental bridge can replace one or even more missing teeth with prosthetic (fake) teeth. A bridge is typically bonded and composed of crowns on either the displaced tooth or teeth supporting the pontic (fake tooth). Pontics can be constructed of various materials, including gold, but they’re usually made of porcelain to match in with your tooth structure. Tooth decay, inflamed gums, and injuries are the most prevalent causes of losing teeth.

If you have lost a tooth or set of teeth, it can have various consequences. A dental bridge can help with a variety of issues, including:

  • re-establishing your smile

  • regaining the ability to chew correctly

  • restoring your voice and pronunciation

  • keeping the face shape

  • correctly distribute the force when you chew

  • avoiding your remaining teeth from shifting out of place

Because dental bridges are not detachable like dentures, they are termed “permanent,” yet they do not stay indefinitely. The average dental bridge lasts five to seven years, and however, some bridges could last a decade or longer with good maintenance. In the future, advancements in materials and processes can make them much more robust.

With proper oral care and frequent dental check-ups, a dental bridge can be a long-term remedy to lost teeth.

However, each scenario and person is unique, and various criteria determine who is a suitable fit for them. Discuss your alternatives with your dentist to see if you should receive a dental bridge and, if so, which type is best for you. We at Roger Sharpe Dental Care can help you choose the treatment that best fits you.

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