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Dental Crown Coffs Harbour

Your teeth can get weakened over time. This can occur for various causes, including dental decay, trauma, or regular use. Your teeth size and shape can deteriorate. Dental crowns offered by the Coffs Harbour dentists are tooth-shaped “caps” that fit over your natural tooth. Consider it a fitting cap for your teeth. The crown improves the structure, size, sturdiness, and look of the tooth.

The dental crown is a cap covering the exposed section of your tooth and is glued into position.

There are various reasons you need a dental crown in Coffs Harbour, including:

  • Preserving a weak tooth from cracking (perhaps due to decay) or keeping a weak tooth altogether if sections of it are fractured.

  • Replacing a broken tooth or significantly worn down.

  • Using an ample filling to conceal and hold a tooth with a minimal left.

  • Using a dental bridge to keep it in place.

  • To cover a crooked or extremely stained tooth.

  • To cover a dental implant.

  • Covering a tooth that has had a root canal treatment.

For getting started with a dental crown in Coffs Harbour, you’ll usually need two appointments with the dentist. Usually, your dental crown will get ready in the dentist’s clinic. When you visit Roger Sharpe Dental for the best dental crown in Coffs Harbour at first, your damaged tooth gets properly evaluated and prepared. Additionally, we will take X-rays of the tooth and the neighbouring bones.

However, we may carry out a root canal treatment if:

  • There is a tooth decay

  • Infection danger

  • There is damage to the tooth’s pulp

Then, we will carry out the necessary procedure, put a temporary cap and prepare your dental crown as per the impressions.

During your second visit, you can expect your dental crown to be placed on your tooth along with the necessary dental procedures. So, if you are looking for professional dental crown services in Coffs Harbour, then Roger Sharpe Dental can help you.

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