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Dental Implants Coffs Harbour NSW

Dental implants are prosthetic structures that a dentist places in a patient’s jawbone. If a person loses one or more teeth, they may require an implant.

Dental implants that you will find at Coffs Harbour NSW refers to a prosthetic tooth that is put at the place where you have no teeth or at the one which has been lost. The surgeon will check the jawbone’s size and implant a screw-like device that will support the dental implant known as the crown.

The prosthetic tooth connects to the dental implant by an abutment.

The crown is designed to fit the patient’s mouth and complement their teeth’ colour. Crowns provide the same appearance, feel, and functionality as natural teeth. So, Dental implants at Coffs Harbour NSW can be a good option.

Dentures, which are detachable artificial teeth, have various advantages over implants. For instance, implants:

  • are more comfortable and reliable

  • improve chewing function

  • have a better success rate

  • have a lower risk of developing cavities near the surrounding teeth

  • resulting in greater bone preservation at the region of the missing tooth

On the other hand, dental implants in Coffs Harbour NSW are not for everybody. Because the implanting components must bind with the jawbone, a person’s jawbone must be in good condition before undergoing implant surgery.

The most prevalent form of implant is endosteal. They are implanted in the jawbone by a surgeon and can accommodate one or more prosthetic teeth.

On the pinnacle of the jawbone, dental implants in Coffs Harbour NSW involve the dental surgeon placing a subperiosteal implantation. If you do not have sufficient jawbone height, this is one of the best alternatives that dental surgeons will recommend.

When performed by a trained and experienced dentist, dental implant surgery is quite safe, and it’s also the only dental restorative method that keeps a person’s jawbone healthy. So, book an appointment with Roger Sharpe Dental to assess if you are a good fit for the Dental implants in Coffs Harbour NSW today.

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