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Fluoride Treatment for Kids

You teach your child about oral hygiene like brushing twice a day, flossing, and taking your child to dentists for regular dental examinations and professional cleaning. All of these things are crucial for maintaining your child’s smile healthy and cavity-free. One such treatment is fluoride treatment for kids, which most dentists recommend as an additional preventive precaution.

Fluoride is a mineral that can be found in various places, including rocks, plants, seas, and groundwater. It’s routinely added to communal freshwater resources and dental materials because it’s a proven approach to prevent tooth decay.

When a dentist administers topical fluoride to the teeth, this is known as fluoride treatment. Fluoride varnishes are commonly used in fluoride treatments for kids, and it only takes a couple of minutes to complete the process and is entirely painless.

Dentists administer fluoride treatments in the manner of a concentrated form of rinsing, spray, gels, or varnish. Swabs, brush, tray, or mouthwash can help apply the treatment.

There is far more fluoride in the fluoride treatment for kids than in your groundwater or toothpaste. Brushing your child’s teeth must only be done with direct supervision if they are under the age of three. Brush their teeth with a thin coating of fluoride toothpaste. The toothpaste should not cover more than half of the brushes and should be the size of a rice grain.

Since many children are still not receiving enough fluoride, children are at risk for dental decay at an early age. Professional fluoride treatment for kids offers a higher fluoride concentration than your child’s toothpaste, allowing you to get the most out of it.

Our professionals at Roger Sharpe Dental can offer safe and reliable fluoride treatment for kids. Book an appointment today.

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