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Wisdom Tooth Infection Treatment

The last of the molars or the third molars, which erupt approximately when you are 18 years old, is called the wisdom teeth. These erupt in some and don’t erupt in others, but usually, their eruption leads to crowding which results in the shifting of placement in subsequent teeth. You may also develop other issues with the tooth or surrounding gum which may require immediate wisdom tooth infection treatment.

How does the infection happen? There are several reasons behind this. We have already talked about crowding. This means the tooth is at an angle and more prone to debris being collected on its surface. With time, germs settling in cause an infection in your wisdom teeth, making wisdom tooth infection treatment a necessity.

Secondly, wisdom teeth are the very last of teeth in both your upper and lower jaws. The way they are positioned makes it difficult for you to reach them. The toothbrush often just barely touches their surface. However, this does not mean that you don’t use these teeth. They have an equal role to play in chewing and breaking food down. But because your toothbrush can’t reach them properly and adequately, these teeth remain dirty for extensive periods of time. Ultimately, the wisdom tooth becomes infected, needing treatment.

At Roger Sharpe Dental Practice, our dentists are skilled enough to spot a troubling third molar, and they can also guide you on treatment options. Of course, the standard line of treatment for a wisdom tooth infection is antibiotics and some painkillers to keep you comfortable. But we go beyond that. We examine your mouth carefully and determine if any wisdom teeth need an extraction or further treatment by an oral surgeon.

By selecting Roger Sharpe Dental, you have placed the care of your wisdom teeth in capable hands. Book an appointment with us, and we can help you have the best wisdom tooth infection treatment plan available.

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